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Full Service Event Coodination and Management

Day of Event Management

Are you looking for help ensuring you are all prepared for your special day and you have everything that you need?  Don't want to stress on the big day of your event?  We are here to help! 

Package Type:                       Day of Event Management 1 Location/Event PARTY

Cost:                                                     $2000.00

Package Type:                       Day of Event Management 2 Locations/Events (SHUL/SERVICE + PARTY)

Cost:                                                     $2450.00

Package Type:                       Day of Event Management 3 Locations/Events (SHUL/SERVICE+ PARTY + KIDDISH)

Cost:                                                     $2950.00

Package Type:                       Full Event Management and Event Coordination

Cost:                                                     $4500.00+

**All Prices are subject to HST

Full Service Event Coordinator and Mangement

Our full service event design, management and delivery offering provides you with the ultimate in creativity and support for your event.

Prices for FULL Service event planning start at: $4500.00

Bite Catering would be happy to provide and arrange any of the following services for your event:

Day Of Event Coordinator 


DJ, MC & Dancers

Custom Dance Floors

Take-Home Gifts


Specialty Drinks


Floral Arrangements

Furniture Rentals


Celebration Cakes

Gourmet Coffee Bars

Themed Menus



Ice Sculptures 

Floral Arrangements

Espresso Or Smoothie Bars


Photographer/ Videographer

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