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Karen Rachlin

Karen Rachlin is said to have been born with an affinity towards food. She was brought up into a family where food and culture was a source of identity, Karen was always eager to lend a hand. The advent of the easy-bake-oven was Karen's first step in concocting tasty little treats and then further progressed into step-stool counter-top cooking and baking together with her mother and grandmother.


While working on her first degree at York University in the field of Psychology, Karen's journey began as she traveled around the world, experiencing different cultures and tasting culinary delights. The four year, Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University provided Karen the theoretical and practical skills for a career in the health and culinary industry. This experience also instilled within Karen, a greater passion for food and nutrition with particular emphasis on special dietary needs.


Karen celebrates Bite Catering's 19th year and exclaims, "It's an exciting partnership and platform for me to further learn and expand my culinary talents. I am honored to be a part of people's personal celebrations. These memorable experiences have offered me the venue to exhibit my creative flare for event planning creating delectable bites for all of Toronto to enjoy!"

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